Arisaig, 6 August 1883 - John R. Mcisaac

JOHN RANALD M'ISAAC, Dalnabreac, Moidart (66)—examined.

33196. The Chairman.
—Are you satisfied with the management of the estate?

33197. What gives you satisfaction?
—The proprietor gives us every form of justice which a proprietor can give to his tenants. He told us he wished we should be marked out for prosperity in our circumstances as excelling the tenantry of the surrounding district.

33198. Does the proprietor frequently come down and live there?
—He lives there for about three months in the year.

33199. Does he go about and see the people?
—Yes. Every year before he goes away he holds a meeting with the people in the schoolhouse, and
advises them with respect to everything that is needful and useful for themselves.

33200. Do you consider your rents are oppressive?
—The proprietor has not changed them at all; the rents are as they were when he became proprietor of the estate.

33201. Is there nothing more you can imagine you would like?
—There is one thing that we would desire; life is uncertain, especially with people of old age, and we would like if we could get leases ; we never asked them from the proprietor; we have perfect confidence in him, and we would never ask a lease as long as he and we live; but we don't know what may happen.

33202. For how long would you consider a lease sufficient?
—About nineteen years.

33203. Would you be content to take leases at your present rents for nineteen years?
—If the proprietor should live long, and continue the present mode of administration, yes; for he encourages us to reclaim the adjacent land, and pays us for our trouble.

33204. Would you at this moment take your crofts for a nineteen years' lease at the present rent if the proprietor offered it?
—No, it is by our work that we pay the most of the rent, and if the present work were continued we could pay the rents; but if the present work should be discontinued, it might be difficult for us to pay the rents.

33205. Is there any demand for an additional hill pasture in your place?
—Yes, we would like to get a little more room in that way.

33206. Does the existence of the deer do you any harm?

33207. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—What stock do you keep on the croft?
—A horse, three cows, and twelve sheep—that is the summing.

33208. Do you keep that?

33209. Is your rent £6?

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