Arisaig, 6 August 1883

Eneas R. Macdonell of Camusdarroch.
—Would you allow me to state on behalf of the crofters that they have requested me to seek protection, in speaking formally before the Commission to-day, from the proprietor and factor and ground officer, and all other people in authority who may harass them for speaking the truth.

Mr N. B. Mackenzie, factor for the proprietrix of Arisaig.
—I am authorised to say, on behalf of the proprietors, that persons may speak freely and perfectly whatever grievances they may have, and that anything they may say to-day will not be used against them.

Colin Macdonald, Ranald Macdonald, Crofter's son
Donald Mcdonald, John Mceachran, Crofter's son
Alexander Mcpherson, Alexander Mceachran, Crofter
Rev Donald Maccallum, (Established) Church minister
Donald Mcvarish, Crofter
Eneas Ranald Macdonell, Advocate
Rev Charles Macdonald, Church minister
John Ranald Mcisaac
Captain Thomas Anthony Swinburne, Royal Navy Proprietor
Nigel Banks Mackenzie, Solicitor, Factor for Arisaig Estate
Donald Mcdonald, senior Cottar

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