Appendix A. LXXVIII

STATEMENT by N. J. M'GILLIVRAY, Esq., of Dunma Glass, Inverness-shire.

HIGHLAND CLUB, INVERNESS, 18th October 1883.

I have observed, on reading the report of the proceedings of the Crofters' Commission on Thursday last here, that Mr Charles Mackay, house carpenter, Inverness, in the course of his evidence before the Commissioners, stated that on certain estates in the county of Inverness, including the Dunma Glass estate, tenants were turned off to make room for sheep and deer. I came into possession of Dunma Glass in 1858, and no tenant was ever turned off by me, nor any ground added to any deer forest.


P.S.—Reference to J. H. Pors, Esq., M.P.
This letter is at your pleasure.

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