Inverness, 13 October 1883 - Alexander Fraser

ALEXANDER FRASER, Factor for Culloden and Ferintosh—reexamined.

42731. The Chairman,
—-Will you have the goodness to make your statement?
—I wish to correct a statement made by one of the crofters at Ferintosh. With reference to the statement made by Donald Mackenzie, lots 114 and 114 A, Ferintosh, at the meeting of the Royal Commission at Dingwall, on 10th current, Alexander Fraser, factor on the estate, wishes to make a reply to the statment made by the said Donald M'Kenzie. He then said that his croft was valued by Mr Paterson, estate valuator, at £7, and that it was ultimately settled for £14 after considerable delay. This is a mis-statement. Mr Paterson's valuation is £14, 8s. for land, exclusive of a carpenter's shop, where a large business was carried on for the district. It will thus be seen that he has the land for 8s. less than the valuation, besides having the carpenter's permises free. The possession, including the carpenter's shop, was considered lowly rented at £17, but a deduction of £ 3 was given to the father of the witness on account of his being an old tenant. The extent of arable land in the possession is 16 acres 3 roods 38 poles, and the pasture 2 acres 3 roods 27 poles. The situation is close to the parliamentary road, and within two miles of the railway station at Conon. Further, Mackenzie stated that his improvements cost £20 an acre. It would be well to know how this is made up; but the statement is denied, as any land taken in by the landlord cost only about £8 an acre. Mr Paterson's valuation is herewith produced.

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